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Reviews policy

Hello everyone ^-^
Thank you for your interest in our blog, we do not want to disappoint or create unwanted situations, then I feel compelled to set some rules regarding our reviews policy :

For Sponsor:
⇢ If you are designer and want me to review your items please don't forget as first thing to send me Notecard (Rename : (nome store ) Request For Blog M&L) before to send me your items..

I kindly ask you to send notecard with:
-Avatar Name:
-Slurl Store:
-Type of items:

If you receive a reply you can send the items.
If I receive items without having first received a Notecard or without accepting your request. . . refuse the item upon arrival.
I apologize but I am busy ( the priority I give to my sponsors) and can not satisfy all request that i arrive, that's a lot

⇢  If you want me to become the your blogger , first to send me your items, group or logo, please send a notecard with the demand response.

⇢ If you are designer of items both woman and man send a notecard they both owner Blog , each takes care of their sponsors. We are not responsible for each other

For People:

We not looking models for my blog ... Do not think that if you become a part of a blog ,you automatically receive the items the sposnor already present in a blog

⇢  We not looking for other members of the blog. This is a personal blog which we have worked (And we work every day) so hard to bring it to its current level. Do not use my efforts and the time past in the various programs to edit photos for people who do not know and who want the simple life

 ⇢ Send me inWorld ( Second Life) Notecard (  NO IM's please, often are lost and can not answer) for all information about our blog or photo . We be happy to help,also only for style advice ^-^

⇢ I want to clarify that this blog was born from a passion for fashion and photography and has no other purpose than to help or show that the people who follow styles, tips and news from the world of SL.

Thank you very much
Martyna Asalia  & Lorenzo Hallenbook

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